D. A huge shift in attitude happened after my first session. My vision was restored & I felt like I woke up. I am able to dream again.  The basic relationship with my Mother healed through forgiveness and acceptance. I am able to help her now.

Sh. You are giving me session that is changing my life right now.

C. I came in today so very upset and you have gifted me with so many blessings and tools that I can immediately put into action to create a life of balance and harmony, healing & radiant well-being. I feel you have helped me re-integrate parts of myself.

B. Last session I had a cold and later that day and days that followed I no longer was coughing.

L. Feeling relaxed, tension drained away, so many happy memories, open heart. Can laugh and have fun. God knows better.

P. Feel more grounded and centered. Felt release in area of heart chakra.

E. After one session I noticed a profound difference in my level of stress – during a time when my stress usually goes through the roof.  I was truly amazed at what significant change one session made in my life, and the lives of my family.

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