Session Description

The session starts with a conversation during which your issues and intentions are shaped out. Based on those the modalities of treatment are chosen and tailored for you. It could be Energy MedicineHolistic Therapy NLPAngel Healing or most often all of the above.

The following are the congruent parts of the healing session.

Holistic Therapy of NLP is used to change and improve your emotional issues, relationships, and life situations. You will communicate with your subconscious mind that is responsible for over 90% of your decisions. It has all the resources we need, and our task is to find them, and start using for your own benefit. In other words the track you habitually take to reach the results of your life will be reprogrammed. It works with different emotions and feelings such as fear, anxiety, anger, irritation, frustration. Some of them had been useful in childhood, or adolescence, but became an obstacle later. You will learn to release negative patterns or transform them into helpful and supportive ones.

Energy Medicine is applied to address discomfort and imbalance of your physical body and energy system. The latest achievements in energy healing modalities are Matrix Energetics, Healing Touch, and The Gift. All of them are aimed at releasing the energy of disease or pain that stuck in your subtle fields and affect the natural health. Replacing them with harmonious vibrations on the cellular level will make all body systems resume the regular function.

Angel Healing is actually turned on before a client arrives. Information about client’s problems is known in some way to the Team of Divine Messengers, who is called upon. Your Higher Self as a Team member participates in providing the best solutions for your needs. Often clients feel a Divine touch and guidance as a bliss that is impossible to describe, and they cannot hold back tears of complete happiness.

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