NLP Therapy

NLP Therapy is used to change and improve your emotional issues, relationships, and life situations.  You will communicate with your subconscious mind that rules our life for 90-92% as it was discovered by scientists. As you may know subconscious mind (our left brain)  process 7 plus/minus 2 bits of information per second, and our subconscious mind (the right brain) process 11 million bits per second.  So it is better to let subconscious mind (the right brain) to step on the stage to solve the issue.

It has all resources we need, and our task is to find them there, and to start to use for your own benefits.  With other words you can reprogram the track you habitually take to reach the results of your life.   It works with different emotional models and feelings including fears, anxiety, anger, irritation, frustration.  Some of them had been very useful at childhood, or green years, but became an obstacle later, and you can release them or transform into helpful and supportive ones.

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