Akashic Records Reading

What is Akashic Records?  Akasha is a Sanskrit word and means All That Is, primary substance, where from all came.  May be it is that  Gregg Braden called Divine Matrix.

It has records about each soul not only in this life, but also in all other lives.  Lords of Records keep them, and do not communicate with us, but Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones can provide us with information from them, serving as the interface between the Akashic and earthly realms.

How the Reading goes?  I will read the Opening Prayer, close my eyes, and then answer your questions.  You would watch the time and after almost 20 min, you will tell me that there is your final question, and upon finishing the last answer I will open my eyes and read the Closing Prayer.

So before Reading you would get ready with your questions started with such words as What, Why, How.  There is no sense to ask When, as there is no time in higher realms.  And also prepare a sheet of paper and a pen to make notes, because I may not remember what has been provided through me.

Where it is held?  You do not need to come to my office, as it can be done over phone perfectly well.

How much to pay?  It is $1 for 1 min, and not less than $20.

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