Healing Arts School

We live in a special spectacular time when lots of people discover their ability to heal.
Some are happy, some are frightened, and all of them feel an inner quest to know what to do with it. The only thing they need is to learn ABC steps. It is exactly what I provide in Healing Arts School “The Gift”: a healing method which is easy to learn, simple to use, yet very effective to maintain health. During classes there is little theory, and lots of hands-on training and experiential practicing. Do step one, step two, get result.

It is similar to teaching a group of children to play piano. Perhaps one of them (the most talented) or another (who practiced musical scales for 5 hours a day) will achieve greatness and be known all over the world as an accomplished pianist, while others will learn to play for themselves, for their families and friends to enjoy life. The same holds true for the Healing Arts. After finishing these classes you can be a great and famous healer, or just obtain skills to heal yourself and loved ones improving health and wellbeing.

I have an ability to explain complicated things in a very clear and understandable way. So the training goes smoothly and is fun. The school is for everybody, no special qualification or experience necessary.

What I teach at my classes? The first course of 5 lessons presents non-contact healing with energies of different colors and shapes – “The Gift”, the second course – healing by balancing chakras and energy flow, the third – distant healing, and the fourth – emotional-spiritual healing.

It has been noticed that graduates of my classes in addition to learning the healing techniques, begin to discover unexpected talents and gifts such as painting, singing, distant viewing, seeing aura or energy streams, and other clairvoyant features. The same often happened to my patients. I felt exited and wondered: “Why it was unfolded in them?” The answer was given: “Everybody has his/her own mission to be fulfilled in this life. For example my mission is – to be a key that opens a door to new world, new possibilities, new perceptions, and even new venues of life.”

From all my heart I offer you my magic key that will empower you to transform your life.

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