seminar Angel Healing


Angel Healing for you at home and work

 (it is not about religion, it is about health and success)

 Workshop highlights:

           Can obtain:             Can release:
  • Inner freedom.
  • Shielding and Psychic Protection.
  • Chakra clearing.
  • Crystal clear wishes.
  • Enlightening.
  • Attracting romance.
  • Using Angel Light in all aspects of your life.
  • Addiction for food and material objects.
  • Physical and emotional exhaustion.
  • Somebody’s negative energies.
  • Own emotions of lower vibrations.
  • Unhealthy relationship patterns.
  • Severing vows.
  • Curse and Dagger Lifting.

Angels belong to God, not to any specific theology.  Therefore, they work with people of all different beliefs and paths.  In fact, they work with anyone who asks.

Price$40/ $50 at the door

Facilitator – Natalia RemmyCertified Practitioner in Angel Medicine, Akashic Records reading, Holistic Therapy NLP, and also in such energy healing modalities as Matrix Energetics, Healing Touch, the Gift; spiritual counseling.  Founder and Teacher of Healing Arts School “The Gift”.  Has ability to share her knowledge and skills clearly, easily and simply.

 Contact: 847-220–4547,,

Still Water PT & M, 2525 Waukegan Rd, suite 245, Bannockburn, IL 60015

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