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Ground-breaking books, eye-opening info, breath-taking discoveries. Have been fond of reading all my life. For the last 20 years have been devoted to esoteric knowledge. Every month, with flame in my heart, share all this mouth-dropping contents to people in 3 locales: 2 – in English and 1 – in Russian.

Is it near you?  Sungates Center in Wheeling, Still Water Physical Therapy in Bannockburn near Deerfield, Energee Center in Wauconda.  Register online.


 Schedule for 2016 
 Date Author Name  Book Title/ Event  Location Language
August 27 Tom Campbell My Big Toe Sungate Russia
July 16 Konkordia Antarova Two Lives Sungate Russian
June 4 Lee Carroll Krayon in Patagonia Sungate Russian
May 21  Lee Carroll Journey Home Sungate Russian
April 23 Richard Bach Hypnotizing for Maria Sungate Russian
March 19 Valentina  Mironova We after Quantum Shift Sungate Russian
February 20 Valentina  Mironova World after Quantum Shift Sungate Russian
January 23 Harry  Chapman Five Languages of Love Sungate Russian
Bestsellers already presented and discussed
 Author Name   Book Titles
 Michael  Newton  Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls
 Robert  Monroe  Out of Body Journeys, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journey
 Doreen   Virtue  Way of Lightworkers, Angel Therapy, Angel Medicine
 Gregg  Braden  Divine Matrix,   Deep Truth
 Louise  Hay  Power within us
 Jim  Self  The Shift, Spirit Matters
Drunvalo  Melchizedek  Sacred Geometry
Richard Bartlett  Matrix Energetics
Ariana Havah  Inuaki, reptilian in me
 movie  Astral City,   Defending your Life, ThriveCloud Atlas
Ludmila  Seklitova “Высший разум открывает тайны”, “Душа и тайны ее строения”, “Энергоструктура человека и материи”, “Беседы о неизвестном”
Vlad Zorev At the very edge of Universe
Roman Dyschkant What is Magic? –  lecture and practice

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