Angel Healing

Several years ago I knew a little about Angels, but I am fond of reading.  One morning I woke up as if someone pushed me.  Clear thought  in my head  – arise, go to the bookcase, find that blue thing book, which had been given by coworker more than 10 years ago. I remember this book, there was something like angel drawn on the cover.   I have shoved it  to the far shelf.  So that night I got up and went barefoot to bookshelves, looked for a long time, but found it. And quickly read Karen Goldman about people’s unusual experiences of angels encounters.  Soon another book about angels came, by Elizabeth Prophet.  It sounded like a guide to solve all problems with their assistance.

Then the next book-by Doreen Virtue with a strange name “Angel Medicine”.  Looked like a scientific study of ancient texts of such sacred books as Torah, Bible, Koran, Dead Sea Scrolls and others. Turns out angels are mentioned in all of  them.  For example, in Jewish Kabbalah, each of the ten Archangels represents  one of the Sephiroths (aspects of God). Metatron in this tradition is the chief Archangel .

Angels appeared to be independent from any religion. They help everyone – followers of all religions and spiritual paths, as well as atheists. But they have to be asked for this, because free will has not been canceled on our planet. They respect it and not interfere without permission. Ask for and that is all?  So simple?  Yes.  What to ask for?  Well, about prosperity, and an easy path to it.  And that helps?  Try it for yourself.  I tried, and now, as a certified Angel Healing practitioner, can help you with your issues of health, relationships, life situations.

Also held Angel Healing seminars to show how you can release your burdens of life from your shoulders.

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