Creating Power Field

Creating Your Personal Power Field

As a certified Teacher of Mastering Alchemy I present Creating Personal Power Field program, and can guide you to learn and practice the tools and teaching of the program. When you have completed, you will know how to created your own Personal Power Field, and probably have already done it.  Register online.

What is your Personal Power Field?

Your Personal Power Field is a self-contained diamond shape that surrounds you. Once reconstructed and activated (very easy to do) you have the ability to expand your awareness and create the new wiring system required to recognize and integrate the new possibilities you may not recognize as even available.

It opens your ability to open and re-align yourself to have greater access to your higher wisdom and creative power. Simply – you begin to:

  • Release who you are not and remember who you are.
  • You become masterful of your life vs dragged around by it.
  • Observe the world around you without being drawn into the drama and noise.

How Will Your Life Change?

Reconstructing your Personal Power Field will enable you to:

  • Transform one possibility into another, better one (this is alchemy)
  • Quiet the noise and drama in your life
  • Become more aware of the thoughts and emotions that control your life and remove them
  • Master the art of remaining unaffected by the increasing chaos of the world
  • Leverage the power of the Seven Living Words
  • Dissolve the self-limiting habits and patterns that were imprinted upon you as a child, but were never yours
  • Access the Inner Sanctuary within your Sacred Heart and create a conscious, intentional connection with your Soul.
  • Unify the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, balancing your brain’s hemispheres
  • Remember who you are and what you came here to accomplish
  • Discover your role as a Healer, Teacher, and Leader
  • Begin to see with your eyes closed
  • Change your DNA coding, increase your oxygen levels, and access a fifth dimensional awareness
  • Learn how to make better life-choices from a platform of inner wisdom rather than react with emotion.
  • Use tools to eliminate the noise and drama in your life
  • Ease your ascension symptoms
  • Define and know yourself as a Spirit
  • Pranic Breath work
  • Work and play with Sacred Geometric forms as antennas that send and receive higher information
  • Build, and activate your Personal Power Field. Spin it up to 90% the speed of Light
  • Enter the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond in your Higher Heart
  • Hear and feel the Language of Light spoken
  • Begin to use the Rays of Creation
  • Anchor the Soul into your Heart to know yourself
  • Meet and co-create with your Soul Extensions
  • Learn your role in Atlantis and reconnect with the Three Kingdoms

In this eight (8) meetings course, you will experience all of this and much more in a safe, encouraging and playful, kindergarten-like environment. You will receive and practice all the tools, strategies and skills to masterfully move through your life with ease and well-being.

Register online.   I understand that I am signing up for 8 meetings  Creating Personal Power Field course. I understand that the course can help me to learn basic energy tools and concepts that will help me find more of my true self. I will be directed to PayPal where I will pay $175 for the course.

This course is not for everyone.

In fact, very few will have what it takes to anchor these simple tools, skills and strategies into their lives in a way that is permanent and life-altering.

What does it take to be successful in the course?

Only three things.

  1. A willingness and ability to experience the tools vs think and analyze and argue with what is being offered. You will create new reference points, new habits and a new way of life. Can you not force the tools and information to fit into your old worn out box? That box never really worked for you anyway.
  2. A personal commitment to your self-development and spiritual growth. Your “stuff” will come up to be released. Are you brave enough to simply move it out and then move on?
  3. An ability to laugh and be easy on yourself. You are releasing who you are not and remembering who you are. Stick to it and you will like the results. You can not do this work wrong. It isn’t possible.

This course is taught by me, Natalia, a trained, qualified teacher, certified yearly by Mastering Alchemy.

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