Performed energy healing for more than 20 years.  How have I come to it?  In short, it was God’s will, or I can say I have been called by God.  If talking in more details, I admit that many healers (or majority of them) became healers under requirements that happened in their lives.  They were sick or some of their loved ones was ill, and should be helped.  My story is similar.  I had illness, spent years visiting doctors, clinics, laboratories.  One day when I was in terrible pain and could not move because of pain, my daughter called over phone to her friend and asked him to heal me.  I felt, how my pain disappeared, it was like a wave flashed through my body.  I took phone receiver and this young man told me that he did not heal me, he just released the pain.  And that I would come to his office for 5 sessions to be cured.

I went 5 times, and after it, I decided not to tell anybody, how stupid I was, because I was cheated by a young man, who was a crooker, and who made a fool of me.  The session looked really strange.  We sat on chairs in front of each other silently for 10-15 minutes, and that was it.  In 2 months I noticed that I do not take any medicine at all, no tablets, capsules, and that I felt good, and do not need them any more.  I became curious, and went to his class to learn, how to be a healer.  At the class he talked about weird things, which I had never heard before.  About energies, subtle plains, chakras, karma.  I had never known such words.  I listened to him and thought that he is obviously crazy, all in the room are crazy also. The only normal person there is me.  After classes I started to practice and result was amazing.   I liked it and books came to me, and seminars, trainings.  To make a long story short, I got several certifications, learned modern and ancient techniques, worked in clinic, got a title of licensed practitioner.

I was so enthusiastic, wished to cure all and everyone.  I lived in healing arts and talked only about them.  I discovered a whole new world.  Many things that were new and fantastic to me then, now are known to everybody.  For example, we do not consist of muscles and bones only, we are not only our physical body (physical plain), we are also our emotions and feelings (astral plain), our thoughts (mental plain), our spirits (spiritual realm).  And all this was known by ancient teachers, gurus, spiritual masters, and has been proved now by recent achievements of such sciences, as quantum physics, scalar physics.

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