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As a child I wished for a magic wand to solve all my issues, and manifest all my desires. For the past 25 years of practicing and teaching healing arts, I looked for tools to create quick improvements in health and life situations.  Mastered a number of healing techniques: Holistic Therapy of NLP, Angel Healing, Energy Medicine, including such modalities as Matrix Energetics, Healing Touch, The Gift, and also provided spiritual counseling.

My other passion is sharing useful info with people to help them to be more happy and healthy.  One venue to do it is my Healing Arts School with the channeled name  “The Gift”. It is truly for everyone.

Two others are Awakening Discussions Club for presenting eye-opening books, and Seminars for providing practical easy tools to maintain well-being.

Spiritual path led me through lots of profound names of our time to Mastering Alchemy by Jim Self, who certified me to teach how to Create Personal Power Field.

Would like to invite you to participate in all the events to learn the simple techniques, do them step by step, and experience amazing results, or to grow together while listening awakening discoveries or meditating with Higher Realms.

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